Verdicts and Law

Mubarak convicted of embezzlement, embarrasses high-level officials in Sisi government, Egypt Independent, May 2014

International outcry continues from Minya court mass death sentencesEgypt Independent, May 2014

Farmer to serve prison time for naming donkey after SisiEgypt Independent, March 2014

Police killers of Khaled Saeed sentenced to 10 years in prisonEgypt Independent, March 2014

American in Emirates sentenced to one year in jail for satirical video, Egypt Independent, December 2013

Rough justice: 21 girls sentenced to 11 years for peaceful protestsEgypt Independent, November 2013

Opponents to new protest law vow to fight tooth and nailEgypt Independent, November 2013

Twelve students in Egypt sentenced to 17 years for causing riots, Egypt Independent, Egypt Independent, November 2013

Khaled Saeed torture case adjourned to 2 December, Egypt Independent, October 2013

Military court continues crackdown on opposition with life sentences, Egypt Independent, September 2013

Mubarak trial abruptly halted as victims’ lawyers seek new judges, The Washington Post, September 2011

Egyptian tribunal sentences blogger to three years for criticizing military, The Washington Post, April 2011

Mubarak and sons detained; new Tahrir Square protest called offThe Washington Post, April 2011

Mubarak could face death penalty, Egyptian official saysThe Washington Post, April 2011

Egyptian court disbands Mubarak’s partyThe Washington Post, April 2011